Best Penis Extender Reviews (2020 Update)

There are hundreds are reviews on the Internet for the best penis extenders, the difference is what all of these reviews actually do. 95% of reviews have been written for the sole purpose of promoting a certain product, they do not go deep enough into the actual product and the differences between these products.


Apart from the obvious differences in prices for these products there are also key differences you need to consider. First and foremost is the Tension rate.

This is the strength and pressure produced by the springs inside each device. The higher the tension the more pressure you can apply to the penis enabling better and faster results. Obviously the problem with higher tension means the quality of the device needs to be at it’s best to cope with the increased pressure.

So the two main area’s we look at is the quality of the device and the tension combined with comfort and affordability.

There are some other small factors that will be taken into account and will be noted on each review.

Noose vs Comfort Strap

There are two main types of Penis extenders available on the market, they are both very similar and distinguished by the way they are fastened.

I personally believe that the original
 Noose Type system is a better and a more secure method, this is because the silicone tubes actually clip into place ensuring you have maximum grip. The Comfort Straps rely on small bumps on the side of the straps to stop the straps from slipping out of the device. Some devices have been very cheaply made and can slip out of the extender very easily.The other system is the Strap type. This system uses a silcone strap, it is flat and is sometimes referred to as the Comfort Strap system. Don’t be fooled though, most of the websites are now calling this system by this name because they want them to be more appealing to the end user. In reality it can be argued that there is not much difference in how comfortable these actually are.One uses a Noose typse system, this type of extender was the original extender, this is where is all started. Some people like to think of these types of extenders as outdated and no longer used but they are wrong. Lots of people still use the noose system and find it grips the penis better, this is due to the round silicone tube fitting better under the rim of the glans. Once pulled through the end adaptor the tubes fold back underneath the device and clip into the extender so there is no movement.

There is also a third method, this is not as popular as the noose or the strap systems but is also available with some extenders so I thought I would give it a mention. The third is a Velcro Fastening system.  This system uses velcro straps, the advantage to the velcro system is you can really control the grip on the penis to ensure there is no slipping. Because velcro is quite hard and not very comfortable you need to ensure you use this system with some kind of padding to protect the penis.

If you already own one of the devices listed above and would like to try one of the other methods then there is a perfect way to upgrade your current extender.  The TuShy Extender Upgrade kit is available from several websites.  The upgrade kit comes complete with all three of the above systems and as an extra bonus you can also include the TuShy specially calibrated 2600g tension springs.

Best Penis Extender Reviews

Jes Extender

I thought I’d start with the Jes Extender review because “The Jes” is the original extender. This is where penis extenders all started. “The Jes” named after Jes Bech Müller the inventor from Denmark was the first to introduce the Jes Extenderback in 1995. Since the launch of the Jes extender it has became world famous and has even been featured on by the BBC on the Jonathan Ross show in the UK.

Although the original Jes Extender used a Noose Type the latest Jes Extender come complete with a comfort strap.  There is also a number of extension bars and some soft sponges for extra comfort.

Spare parts such as replacement straps are available to purchase for the Jes but can be very expensive.

The presentation box is quite small and you can keep you extender in this device. As it is a wooden device you can deep your box and extender clean.

Tension : 1200g

Starting from 179 Euros the Jes Extender is not the cheapest extender available. What it is though is a solid good quality extender that has been proven over the last 16 years and is still going strong. It is one of the first choices for many people purely because of the reputation of the device.  There is no faulting the quality of the Jes Extender.


Due to the tension rate being lower than normal for results it is recommended to use the Jes extender for up to 6 months wearing the device for an average of 6hrs a day. Guaranteed results of up to 3 inches by using the Jes Extender.

MaleEdge Penis Extender

The Male Edge Penis Extender is the latest “designer” penis extender. This Male Edge is made by the makers of Jes.

I personally believe the MaleEdge will ultimately replace the Jes Extender as one of the top selling enlargement devices on the market. This is I believe is down to the futuristic looking device that is a lot better looking that the metal extenders we’re used to seeing all over the Internet.

There are three different types of Male Edge extenders available. In terms of results and tension there is no difference between the Male Edge Basic (£115) and the Male Edge Pro (£149) All of the extenders come with the same base mechanism. All three extenders have between 800 and up to 2000g of tension so they have improved tension rate compared to the other extenders available on the market.

Tension: 2000g

As mentioned above there is no difference between the 3 extenders in terms of tension. Although they initially appear to be different this is purely a difference in colours.

The Difference between the devices comes in the form of accessories. With the MaleEdge Basic you gt just 2 comfort straps, you get more as you go up to the MaleEdge Extra and again with the MaleEdge Pro.

As these spare straps can be costly to purchase alone I would always advise that you go for the MaleEdge Pro extender, although it is more extensive in the long term it is more cost effective as you actually get more value for your money.

The Extra and Pro models come with a small travel bag for keeping your extender in when you are travelling. All three extenders come complete with a rule for measuring and keeping track of any growth you may experience. All three models also come with a very nice looking case to keep you extender in.

The main reason the MaleEdge looks visually different the main difference between this extender and others on the market, the MaleEdge is actually made out of plastic, this is the reason for the different colours and the stylish looks.

Although there is no doubting the looks and the high tension rates I felt when testing the device that the plastic material is not strong enough to last with the high tension and would in time either break or wear enough to damage and cause malfunction.

Also, considering the extender is made from plastic rather than a stronger more expensive metal I thought the price of the extenders were a little higher than I would be willing to pay for a plastic device. For this reason I marked the device down on quality, price & value. However, by having the higher tension and using comfort strap system this makes the Male Edge definitely one to consider when looking to purchase a penis extender.

SizeGenetics Penis Extender

You will be forgiven if you are thinking you have seen this device somewhere before. You probably have. As you might be aware, the first and original Penis Extender device was the Jes Extender, Going on this basis it is not surprising that you will find lots of different extender brands available all using the Jes Extender as a base for there own brand.

The Jes extender has been proven to be one of the best extenders over the last 16+ years.

The SizeGenetics extender comes with a nice custom case, it’s perfect for keeping your device in when it’s not in use.

The device uses a standard 1200g so you will see gains of up to 3 inches is used for up to 9hrs a day over a 6 month period. We advise that the best time to wear an extender is while your relaxing in the evening and even while you are in bed.

Depending on the packages you can get some bonus accessories with the SizeGenetics including  a penis health program, (dvd exercise) spare parts and carry case, along with several online bonus’s with access to promotional websites.

The biggest downside we could find to the SizeGenetics was the price, priced at $390 the top of the range extender works out at £240. Quite expensive for this extender.

X4Labs Penis Extender Review

Right. I hope you have your reading glasses and a cup of coffee because this is probably the longest in depth review of any extender I have reviewed.  I have had extensive discussions with the company that used to be the X4Labs exclusive distributor in the UK. I have vital information that you should consider before purchasing any X4labs device.

There is no denying, the X4 Labs is probably the most popular device around at the moment. Every search on the Internet for penis extenders etc brings back lots of websites all recommending the X4labs extender.

The first thing to note is these websites have been set up for one reason, to claim that the X4 labs extender is the best. These websites are not recommending the X4 labs extenders because they are the best. They are recommending them because they are being paid the most money by X4LABS. 

This is why the X4labs products are so expensive. X4 have to pay out large amounts of money to there affiliates. To be able to pay there affiliates they need to over inflate the price of there products by more than what they are actually worth.  In addition to these affiliate, X4labs themselves actually have many fake websites pretending to be customers that have used there products and recommend them. The easiest way to tell if one of these websites is genuine or not is quite simple. These false websites will just contain a few products. usually between 3 -5 extenders, and 2 of them belong to X4labs.

View the X4labs extender

So, moving on, as I mentioned above, the X4labs products are expensive. For this type of products they are to expensive, you can buy a device of the same quality for a lot less money. Actually, simply select anyone of our top 5 rated extenders and these will do exactly the same thing and save you a lot more money.

So to begin I’ll talk about my experience with the X4 Labs from the the start. I first seen the X4 labs at a trade show in the UK a few years ago. When I came to do my review I chose to look a little more closely at the X4 Labs Gold premium.

I looked into purchasing one of the X4 Labs devices so I could do this review, I checked the X4 labs website which was advertising Worldwide free shipping, even to the UK. This was in fact False advertising and incorrect, When I got to the payment information X4 added another $20 to the cost for shipping.

I worked out that by paying £320 for the gold premium I would then have to pay shipping and when my extender arrived in the UK I would then have to pay another £64 import duty + handling fees.

Over £414 for a device I was not willing to pay this so I contacted a reseller in the UK, the reseller only had 1 single device left but was happy to supply the product to me free of charge for the purpose of this review. As you can see the X4 Labs gold premium is very expensive. There are now a number of resellers in the UK but none of these resellers offers the gold premium device.

So onto the main review. From the images I was looking forward to getting all of the bonuses pictured. My device arrived within a couple of days almost giving my poor postman a hernia, the package was huge, heavy and bulky. This was down to the massive wooden box the product arrived in. Lets start with this box. The website claims the box is mahogany but it is not.

The box is a cheap wooden box lined on the outside with a cheap artificial leather. When I first opened the box the brass clip on the front of the box fell off bouncing to the floor.

Inside the box I removed the contents. The box is lined with a thick material. This material is difficult to clean making the box a waste of time. For hygienic reasons I would not be keeping my extender there. However, it will make great firewood come November  .

Once I’d put the clip on the front of box back together I moved onto the accessories that came with the device.  I had to double check there pictures before calling the UK distributors to confirm I had been sent the correct items.

As you can see from the pictures above and the X4 labs website I was expecting some branded specially formulated products as described on there website. Instead I was given something completely different. a Cheap £2.50 sex toy cleaner, a free sample bottle of Sex lubricant was given as specific post stretch formula and I also got a Desensitizing spray, non of these came as displayed. Another example of the false advertising from the manufacturers.

There was 3 discs pictured on there website, I got 2 discs included with the premium, both of which looked like the cheap copy DVD you would expect to find on sales in your local pub at the weekend. The 3rd disc pictured on the website didn’t actually exist. It was another made up product that was actually a website that X4 gives you get access to if you purchase a full price extender direct from there website.

X4 labs also sell  a wide girth base. I have provided a separate review of the wide girth base because it is in depth and takes up to much room on this review page. You can see the X4 labs wide base review.

So, next I looked at the X4 labs device and the quality of the device. There is no faulting the base and the bars, good solid quality and I was satisfied. I was however concerned over the end pieces. I had two adaptors.

One standard end and 1 quad support adaptor. The standard adaptor was not as strong and bent under pressure. The quad piece was better quality though and is a better option but it does cost an extra £50 to upgrade to the quad.

If you had a small penis I can see no advantage of the quad, you couldn’t possible fit 2 straps around your penis and the adaptor.  The bottom of the adaptor digs into the scrotum and is uncomfortable unless you already have a 5″+ penis then the quad end is pretty useless and you will need to stick to the standard end.

Although the Gold premium is advertised at 2100g the tension when tested my extender was just 1800g the same as the basic gold. I’d be disappointed if I had paid over £400 for an extender and it didn’t even come with the advertised springs.

When I tested the tension I also tested the device for strength and capability. You will see shortly from the video review, you need to view the video to see properly what the problems are with the silicone straps. The bumps on the side of the strap are quite small, because they are so small when pressure and tension is applied the straps easily slip out of the end adaptor. This was the first time I had seen this from any extender I have reviewed before.

I have created a video review of the X4 Labs extender and will upload it here over the coming weeks when I get some more time to edit the video  ).

To conclude, my personal recommendation is to save your money and purchase a cheaper product that will do exactly the same as this device.